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Finance done the way it’s supposed to be

We understand that with the current ups and downs of the economy buying a car can be a daunting task, which is why we offer a variety of different financing options to suit people in any income bracket. Give us a call or come in today and speak to one of our consultants about our plethora of financing options.

A step by step approach

In the past buying a car meant piles of paperwork but here at KIA Airport, we have simplified the process so that you can buy a vehicle without the stress of confusing contracts. Our consultants will walk you through all the legalities step by step, ensuring that you aren’t in for any nasty twists later down the road.

A plan to suit you is waiting

Our service is most certainly top notch and our staff will be happy to sit with you to talk about our financing options and to find a plan that suits you and your needs.